June 22nd 2024

The Final Chapter... New Beginning...

Play and be heard by the whole forrest

Communicate with all lifeforms

The only movements worth doing are the one which liberates...

In the long journey to recover from focal dystonia, I found out that freeing the musical experience lead to amazing breakthroughs. Sounds with no judgment, the exploration of rhythms, notes sequences... complete relaxation, meditation through playing, becoming aware of the whole body to find the tensions and parasitic movements.

Playing more and more in an atonal and arhythmic manner was the first big change. Then the exploration of new patterns, scales, enclosures, multiphonics, displacements, singing all the lines being played, developing rhythm in all the limbs, symmetry, body position, breathing patterns, circular breathing, long tones, sound shaping...

The first album to reflect on re-acquiring "control" of the instrument was Short Excerpts from Lesko

Then I created this series of videos, Musical Meditation in an amazing room with natural echo.

I feel now rejuvenated and motivated to play live again, and to collaborate with other artists who are also into the freer realm of expression. Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Painters, Writers, Visual artists...

YVES   Sept 22nd 2023, Lesco

My new website dedicated to musician focal dystonia recovery is now online at:

YVES   Oct 21st 2023, Lesco

New album is out

April 2024

Meditative and calming saxophone music

New single is out

With Ed Lansing on guitar

New album is out

June 2024

Saxophone with Echoes

recorded in the shed

Santa Ynez, CA

New live album is out

Live at Jeff's (June. 2024)

Saxophone with Echoes

(real echoplex ep3)

Recorded on june 6th 2024, in an amazing huge room with natural reverb in Solvang, CA belonging to artist painter Jeff M.