Sound exploration  Musical Landscapes Echoes Atonal Arhythmic

Poly rhythms  Poly meters  Pushing forward

Play and be heard by the whole forrest

Communicate with all lifeforms

From Classical to Noise music, always based on improvisation, communication and sound exploration.

Inspired by life events, from my early days studying clarinet and theory at the Geneva Conservatory, high school in California playing guitar in skate/punk bands, obtaining a music degree at SBCC while studying jazz and blowing the sax, flute & bass clarinet and thousands of concerts, jams, recordings... in nearly all possible genre of music... I keep learning and share all knowledge gathered through the journey.

The instrument as a sound/voice medium, the ears as listening features... the goal - to be able to roam anywhere freely and navigate any soundscape in a receptive/communicative and a propos manner.

After struggling with musician focal dystonia for many years, I found a healing path through realizing the only movements worth doing at the one which liberate.

I am now also helping other sufferers of the condition. You can find out more on my other site

Multi instrumentalist, electronic music explorer and producer