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As a kid, I lived in Switzerland and studied clarinet and solfeggio at the Geneva conservatory.

Moved to California when I was 16, went to high school in Santa Barbara, started playing guitar in a skate/punk band (The Vertical Plan) and later in the rock/metal genre.

Got back to playing woodwinds in 1987, went to SBCC for a music degree, studied jazz and played tenor sax/bass clarinet. Since then, I’ve non stop gigged in the USA, Switzerland and France, recorded, done videos, TV and jammed with bands like SmoothCityGrooves, Tropical Delight, Pyrrason, Shatazia, Manthing, Superfreaks, Usual Suspects, Stardusters, Omega, Gary Foshee Band, Roger Harrison, Martinez brothers, Sandy Cummings, Jeff Elliott, Aurora, Larry Duff, Bob Hart, Grasshoppers, Orchestre Generation, Bobby Surround, Groove Karaibe, Les amis du quai, Vic Pitts, Yolande Ambiana, Voodoo Band, Philippe Ekeke and so many many more...

I also have worked with producers like Jon Ingoldsby, Tony Shibumi, Dana Holt, Michel Renia, Patrick Vuillaume...

I now also perform with many DJ’s, such as Stefan Lindblom, DJRibz, Alex Scott, Mr Camo

In January 2017 I released an Electronica Chill out Louge album "Ipozen" (available on all online stores).

I am currently in Santa Ynez California.


Saxophone alto & tenor, EWI, Percussions, MPC 1000

Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Lounge, R&B, Blues, Rock