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2-5-1 in all keys


Description of this lesson

This lesson is for beginers and up.

It is designed to improve your sense of listening to the harmony and rhythm while practicing your improvisation.

Practicing with a play along track teaches you how to play while also listening.

It is better than practicing with a metronome as it helps you learn how to feel the whole music.

It is also the starting point to begin with jazz improvisation.

Also as each key is available in two types, full band or just drums and bass, it helps you hear the bass better.

Play Along Tracks included

The tracks come in all 12 keys, all with the same groove and the same tempo.

Each track is encoded at a high quality 320kbps MP3.

Tracks are at an easy to play 65bpm (beats per minute).

They are almost 5 minutes long for plenty of practice and improvisation time in each key, with a choice of full band or just drums and bass.

Printed music with scales for each track, in all keys

U.S. letter size PDF scores (12 pages) included with the track so you can easily print them at home.

SAMPLE LESSON (Full band or just drums & bass)

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All this for only $5.99

That's right... 24 tracks, 12 pages PDFs and almost 120 minutes of music for one low price!

For Alto sax (Eb), Tenor sax (Bb), Soprano sax (Bb), Baritone sax (Eb)

For Flute


Saxophones, trumpets and other transposed instruments, read this!!! --->>>PDF<<<---